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Mount .dmg images from command line

DMG images are the way that a lot of MacOSX binary packages are distributed.  They are somehow like virtual hard disk images or .iso images that you can just mount with a simple double click if you have access to the gui.

But how do you do that from the command line?

quick answer:


and the image should now be mounted somewhere in /Volumes

The hdiutil is a tool used to manipulate such disk images. It can do a lot more then just mount the images. It can even burn  them to an optical media, convert them to an iso  and some other formats , even compress them using gzip or bzip2 .

MacOSX for Unix admins

I'm going to write some posts about doing stuff on MacOSX.

I'm a beginner mac user and I come from a Unix background. I use/administrate/patch/develop on Unix like machines ( mostly just Linux and FreeBSD ) on a daily basis.

Since MacOSX has Unix at it's roots using it shouldn't be hard for me to work with it...right...well I'll see how much it has changed.

Sometimes I find it difficult to do something on MacOSX mostly because I am used to how it is done in Unix and because I don't want or can't use the GUI tools.

The fact that most of the tutorials I find are also  explaining how to do stuff in the GUI makes this an even bigger problem.

So I decided that when I actually find out how to do what I want to do I will write a post  about it so I will not have to look for it again.