Hidden Affiliate Links


This plugin allows you to hide your affiliate links or any other links you want to
post on your blog. It can also automatically replace keywords with links.

This plugin can function as a link redirector and/or a keyword linker.

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This plugin was tested on wordpress 3.2.1. It might work on lower versions but new releases of the plugin will always be tested on the latest wordpress version.

The plugin requires the php dom extension.


The "Hidden Affiliate Links" plugin can be installed by following this steps:

1. Unzip "hidden-affiliate-links.zip" archive and put all files into your "plugins"
folder (/wp-content/plugins/) or create a sub directory into the
plugins folder (recommanded), like /wp-content/plugins/hidden-affiliate-links/

2. Activate the plugin


Go to wordpress admin -> Posts -> Hidden Affiliage Links

Use the form at the top of the page to add new links.

Here's a brief explanation for the form fields:

Slug or URL Match- this is basically the first part of a redirect rule. Everything that matches the pattern in the Slug will be redirected to whatever is set in the "Destination" field. If one of the fields is not set there will be no redirect.

Destination - this is the link where a visitor would be redirected when he clicks on a link that matches the patten in the Slug field

Keywords - one or more keywords separated by coma ( "," )  , any of these keywords found in the post content  will be replaced with a link.

New Link - this should contain the absolute url ( starts with http://   or / if it's on your own domain ) for the link that will be created by replacing a keyword that matches one of the keywords defined in the Keywords field. The content of this field will be the value of the href attribute for the new link.

Description - the content of this field will be value of the title attribute for the new link

If you just want to redirect some link to another one ( maybe you changed some links on your site and you still want the old ones to work )  you only have to use the Slug and Destination fields.

You can also use this as a pure keyword replacer  ( with no redirection ) by using only the last 3 fields.



  • Fixed a small but ugly bug that made the previous version unusable


  • support for wordpress 3.0.1
  • runtime keyword replacement
  • a lot of interface changes

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