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This week on twitter 2009-10-25

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This week on twitter 2009-10-18

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This week on twitter 2009-10-11

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Follow Self Pings

The Problem

Wordpres creates all links to comment author's site or pingbacks/trackbacks with "nofollow external" . This includes links to your own blog. Apparently this is bad for your pagerank according to this post:Pinging Your Own Blog Posts? Good or Bad?

The Solution

On that article mentioned above, the author suggested that you can use a plugin that would make wordpress stop creating pingback links to your own blog. I didn't like that idea so here's mine: a plugin that will make wordpres NOT add "external nofollow" to the pings to your own blog.

The plugin doesn't require any configuration, just download, install , activate and forget about it.


UPDATE: The plugin is now hosted in wordpress plugins directory. That means you can install it dirrectly from  your wordpress admin or go to it's page to download it: Follow Self Pings Plugin

The first version of the plugin had a small bug that prevented it from working on blogs that were installed in one directory and had the home page pointing to something else. This bug is fixed in version 0.2 . You should be able to  update it from the plugin admin.

This week on twitter 2009-10-04

  • RT: @swhitley: Build your own "Twitter" w/ WordPress. A decentralized microblogging network. - "Introducing PopCann" - #
  • bst hex editor for linux , especially if you like VIM #
  • compile with debugging symbols: gcc -g -g2 , make sure there's no ( -s ) in there and gdb will even tell you the line where code crashes 🙂 #
  • wow I surprised by file-roller. Opened file in archive, modified, saved and it asked me if I want to update the archive too. Impressive! 🙂 #
  • what's wrong with wp-e-commerce thickbox.js ? #
  • why are banks, paypal and everybody else who's affected by phishing refusing to use email authentication? #
  • actually paypal does use DKIM for email authentication, maybe that's why I didn't get any paypal phishing lately #
  • @brassblogs you can use the WP-PageNavi plugin . Normally it's used on main page but you can use it on single too in reply to brassblogs #
  • @brassblogs do you want to paginate your post or do you want to just display links to the rest of the posts on the post page ? in reply to brassblogs #
  • @brassblogs I think you just have to call wp_pagenavi() in the theme where you want the links in reply to brassblogs #
  • @brassblogs I was wrong , wp-pagenavi can't be used for what you want in reply to brassblogs #
  • The Duct Tape Programmer - Joel on Software #
  • RT @goowaveinvites: we got some google wave invites... you need one? RT this !! #googlewave #wave #
  • @DominiqueGoh What do you mean ? in reply to DominiqueGoh #
  • @kathpay if only 1 in 5 emails never see the inbox and 95% of all email is spam that means the spam filters are almost non existent. in reply to kathpay #
  • @kathpay maybe you mean 1 in 5 legitimate mails ... in reply to kathpay #
  • @DominiqueGoh ah ok. Here (Romania) it's celebrated on June 1'st , but happy Children's Day to you and your family! in reply to DominiqueGoh #
  • Is asynchronous replication still working with @gluster . How? #
  • @khelo nu-i adevarat. Daca nu mergi la scoala nu se pune ca ai inceput scoala 🙂 in reply to khelo #
  • @khelo nici la aia nu se pune 🙂 in reply to khelo #
  • RT: @yoast: Searching without result: Why tracking Zero Result Searches is important, and how to do it in WP and GA: #
  • fedora seems to accept a 32 bit package as a dependency for a 64 bit package. What a mess! #
  • RT: @f055: Quick Tip: don't do <a name="anchor" />, it breaks layout on Safari. Do <a name="anchor"></a> #
  • RT: @ciorici: I hate Chrome browser for not supporting @font-face. #2009, #fail #
  • @hacool please don't do that. Why does it seem ok if it's biz-to-biz? in reply to hacool #
  • Start your permalink structure with %post_id% if have thousands of pages in #wordpress. It's much faster! #
  • @tvdw maybe not so strange. ssh has compression and maybe better qos from isp. another factor may be the better link between you and ssh srv in reply to tvdw #
  • @dmuth wow, reminds me of recursion gone wild in the dos programming days 🙂 in reply to dmuth #
  • @ScottAllen you don't have to be an expert for this. use g if you want everything to work with it , use n if you want the best speed. n, ... in reply to ScottAllen #
  • @ScottAllen if the router only knows "n" then yes, but some ( most? ) n routers also talk g and even b in reply to ScottAllen #
  • #thunderbird global inbox good or bad? First I hated it now I might use it ... #
  • oh wow, that #thunderbird 3.0 feature is actually called "Smart Folders" and it's pretty cool: #
  • I just disabled follower notifications from twitter. No more bots bothering me now 🙂 #
  • @tvdw nah... removed notifications because I don't want to know anymore. in reply to tvdw #
  • @tvdw yes, that's it 😀 in reply to tvdw #
  • why would #thunderbird want to save the message to the Sent folder when I just want to save it as a draft ? #
  • @alauser maybe bots don't follow you . I'd love to be in that position 🙂 in reply to alauser #
  • did anyone actually get any invites from all those #googlewave invites set up especially for that ? #
  • I mean from all those twitter accounts that promise to give #googlewave invites if you RT #

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