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squid outgoing ip patch

Some time ago a client of mine was running squid on a system with multiple interfaces and ips. He wanted a setup where squid would use the same ip on which it received the connection to create the connection to the destination server for fetching the content.

Let's say we have 3 ips, and squid listens on both interfaces. Now if a client would connect to the proxy server on ip and request, squid will use to make the connection to google. If the client will connect to squid will use to connect to the destination server.

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PHP pecl freebsd port bug

A bug exists in the pecl cli script on freebsd that will not permit you to install any pecl package.

The problem is that the pecl script needs but the script calls php with -n ( don't use php.ini ) so the extension is not loaded.

A quick fix is to edit /usr/local/bin/pecl and remove "-n" from the last line so it will look like
exec $PHP -C -q $INCARG -d output_buffering=1 -d safe_mode=0 -d register_argc_argv="On" $INCDIR/peclcmd.php "$@"

I found this bug when I wanted to install the svn extension but it seems the bug is known for some time and there is a patch for it :

Qmail with smtp-auth and DomainKeys on FreeBSD

I tried to set up qmail with tls and smtp auth on freebsd. I have configured my server with SMTP-AUTH so that I can use it to relay messages for me and other authenticated users. I would like qmail to sign the messages that the authenticated users send through my server.

I compiled qmail-tls from ports, checked the smtp-auth and qmailqueue options, then I compiled qmail-dk and selected the SMTP-AUTH patch. I set up my private and public keys, I set up bin/qmail-dk for qmailqueue as described on this page : but still not results. It just does not want to add the DomainKeys signature but instead it tries to verify the messages. Continue reading Qmail with smtp-auth and DomainKeys on FreeBSD