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How to write about Linux for Digg?

I can't say I really know the answer to this question as none of my articles reached the front page, and I don't think they will ever be there mainly because digg audience doesn't care much about the type of content I write, but check out this site www.venturecake.com.

The site has only 11 articles and 6 of them reached the front page on digg.com. Venturecake.com is a blog about technology, mainly open source, Linux, Unix, Apple, and some others. The last post ( Who copied who? ) was published yesterday and it got over 600 diggs in one day.

The posts that made it to digg's front page are about common buzz words like Apple, Web 2.0, ( Web 2.0 is built on Open Source ), Open Source ( yes this is still a buzz word ), Ubuntu and Virtualization ( 15 minutes to using your existing Windows install & apps in Ubuntu , 10 minutes to run every Windows app on your Ubuntu desktop ) but also some unique tips like
10 Linux shell tricks you don’t already know. Really, we swear.


Today I removed mono completely from my gentoo system. I'm not sure how it got there, but gnome seems to use it the ebuilds in gentoo seem to have it activated by default. Well I don't need that, and it drew my attention on it when I did an update and it didn't want to compile. Well I had a pretty good solution for that. 🙂

It's sad that the gnome developers ( some of them working for novel ? ) chose mono for who knows what stuff they wanted to do. It's hard for me to understand this. When you have so many free-not -microsoft-.net-clones out there and when you already have your project written in C+, why in the world start to write pieces of gnome in mono. Yeah so Microsoft claims Linux infringes it's patents well let's make them right 🙂 , let's clone their main programming language that they love so much. Oh wait we're safe now that novel has made a deal with them.

The future is not so bright for gnome, I'm not sure I'm going to use it much longer. Gotta start searching ... What are your preferences in desktop managers ?

phpPgAdmin 4.1 released

Yesterday the phpPgAdmin Team announced a new major release of phpPgAdmin. Version 4.1 adds many new features, bug fixes and updated translations over the previous version.


To download right now, visit:


To give the fully-functional demo a try, visit:


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drupal.org is more popular then youtube.com

Someone on the drupal site thought it was great news or at least worth mentioning that drupal.org is more popular then youtube.com. Actually the google page rank for drupal.org is 9 and youtube.com's page rank is just 8. Does this mean that drupal is more popular then youtube? I like drupal, don't get me wrong, but have you looked at some traffic stats lately? Why even compare? The sites and projects are totally different, it's like comparing Microsoft Windows to cars 🙂

apache and wildcard ssl

Today I had a client that wanted me to install a wildcard certificate on his new server. A small job, few minutes I said. Only that it was not really like that. The client had this situation. He had one domain foo.tld and the certificate was for *.foo.tld and a lot of subdomains bar.foo.tld apple.foo.tld and others like that. On each domain there was a different site and the client wanted each domain on to be available over SSL because he had a wildcard certificate for *.foo.com. But the problem was that he only had one ip on that server. From what I read in the apache documentation such thing would be impossible . It turns out it's not impossible if you have a wildcard certificate. The ssl FAQ specified two workarounds, #1 use different ports ( not really an option in most cases if you're thinking about serious web business ), and #2 use different ips for each vhost, this may be expensive, hard to get from some ISP, or hard to manage if you have hundreds of domains. I think there should be a line there saying that if you have a windcard ssl you will not need different ips or ports.

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Hello world!

This is my first post. Wordress is great.

I decided to start a blog about programming, *nix and other things related to web and internet.

Why patchlog?

Because I will be posting and commenting patches to various open source software from time to time, or because i will be expressing my opinion about how some open source software should work and maybe provide patched to make it work like that.