Today I removed mono completely from my gentoo system. I'm not sure how it got there, but gnome seems to use it the ebuilds in gentoo seem to have it activated by default. Well I don't need that, and it drew my attention on it when I did an update and it didn't want to compile. Well I had a pretty good solution for that. 🙂

It's sad that the gnome developers ( some of them working for novel ? ) chose mono for who knows what stuff they wanted to do. It's hard for me to understand this. When you have so many free-not out there and when you already have your project written in C+, why in the world start to write pieces of gnome in mono. Yeah so Microsoft claims Linux infringes it's patents well let's make them right 🙂 , let's clone their main programming language that they love so much. Oh wait we're safe now that novel has made a deal with them.

The future is not so bright for gnome, I'm not sure I'm going to use it much longer. Gotta start searching ... What are your preferences in desktop managers ?

4 thoughts on “de-mono-ification

  1. There’s Xfce in one of the labs at my university, it’s not the latest release but it doesn’t look like a top desktop environment, it’s designed more for saving systems resources

  2. I’m on xfce 4.1 now. I like it so far. I’m decided to keep it for at least one week. You can’t really know if it’s good for you if you just keep it a few minutes. It has less features then Gnome or KDE but If I think about it I really don’t use most of those features or I use them very little. The looks are not bad either. My computer has 1Gb or ram but with gnome, firefox and thunderbird always opened that memory was full all the time, now I have about 100 Mb free all the time.

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