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The first thing I did when I started this blog was to look for plugins to give wordpress more functionality and then I started writing posts.

I'm still looking for cool plugins and sometimes write my owns and from time to time I still write on the blog ( not as much as I would like to  because I don't have the time ).

Since  January when I started the blog I have written 73 posts ( this one included ), an average of about 2 posts per week.  Many of this blog's visitors (more then 50% ) come from search engines, looking for a solution to some problem they have, others come from blogs that have linked to me or where I have commented .  The blog gets about 100 visits/day. That's not much comparing to other blogs that get thousands but I thought some of those visitors might want to know who I am so I thought I should write something about that on my "About page"

I didn't  put anything on that page when I started the blog , I just left the default text that came with wordpress.  Many high profile bloggers say it is important for people to know you ( this is a blog after all, and the blog should have something to do with it's author ) and an "about page" is a good way to start.

I didn't think that it was that important because at the beginning I didn't think the blog will have many visitors and I'm not even sure it's purpose was to get visitors or that they would want to know who writes the blog.

Anyway, now it's there so you can take a look if you are interested, there's not much about me, but I will be updating it with more details when I (or you the reader ) think it is necessary.

What do you think about it ? Do you have an "about me" page ?

2 thoughts on “About me update

  1. For me the “about me” text is boring, somebody could write that by reading your posts, you could say some interesting facts about you or your accomplishments… or maybe you don’t want to brag.

  2. Like I said it’s just basic stuff that someone can look at quickly after reading a post or two not the whole blog. Of course it’s boring for those that know me or are regular readers, but the “about me” page is not really for them.

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