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WordPress optimal title

I'm using Aaron Schaefer's Optimal title wordpress plugin to modify the way wordpress displays the title by default. This plugin provides a function similar to wp_title() but your title will not contain "blog archive" in front of your post's title and this is good for seo.

You will have to modify your header template and replace the call to wp_title with a call to optimal_header().
In a previous post I presented a plugin for integrating Jerome's keywords plugin with google sitemaps, this post will show you how to integrate it with the optimal title plugin.

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Showing some link love

As of today the links in the comments section do not have the nofollow attribute anymore. So those that will comment on any post will get a link back to their site and that will add to their page rank. I'm using Oliver Bockelmann’s Nofollow Case by Case plugin that will remove the rel="external nofollow" attribute from links in comments. Thanks to Martin Reed of for his idea about making a blog link love compatible

The side bar also shows a top of those that commented the most with links to their sites ( also with no nofollow ) . I'm using the Show Top commentators plugin for this, thanks to John Chow for his ideas about how to increase blog comments

Some think that this will just increase spam ? what do you think ? do you show link love on your blog ?

Upload Mime types plugin for wordpress

A few days ago I had to upload two diff files with the extension .patch on my previous post about qmail and dkim and wordpress asked me to try other extension because the file extension did not met it's "security policy". That was really annoying so I started to look through the code to "fix" this :).

Few minutes after, I find this function wp_check_filetype in wp-includes/functions.php. It seems this function is the one responsible for filtering unwanted extensions. The only problem with it is that the allowed extensions are hard coded in it. you can easily add your extension to it but then you'll have to do that every time you upgrade wordpress.

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qmail and DKIM

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a method for validating the identity associated with a message using using public-key cryptography and key server technology. DKIM is an enhanced version of Yahoo's Domain Keys and Cisco's Identified Internet Mail methods. As of February 2007 an IETF draft was accepted as "Proposed standard", it may take some more time till this will be a standard but the current version is stable ( according to ).

Implementations of DKIM in email servers is not available as much as DomainKeys.
For qmail there is a patch that uses libdomainkeys to implement a replacement for qmail-queue that will verify and sign messages but this only works for DomainKeys not DKIM. I have developed a solution for qmail to be able to verify and sign messages with DKIM. Continue reading qmail and DKIM

reviewme paid reviews

Today I received an email from reviewme (Aff) announcing me that my blog was accepted and they are ready to accept review orders, so I may write some paid reviews if I find something interesting to review.

It seems they now have a marketplace where advertisers set up campaigns and publishers can accept those offers so you don't have to wait for the advertiser to find your blog, you can find their offer and just accept it if they have such campaign. But it seems the prices for such campaigns are lower then what you would get if an advertiser would order a review.

Here is a link if you want to get Reviewed by this blog for $40 at ReviewMe!