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As of today the links in the comments section do not have the nofollow attribute anymore. So those that will comment on any post will get a link back to their site and that will add to their page rank. I'm using Oliver Bockelmann’s Nofollow Case by Case plugin that will remove the rel="external nofollow" attribute from links in comments. Thanks to Martin Reed of for his idea about making a blog link love compatible

The side bar also shows a top of those that commented the most with links to their sites ( also with no nofollow ) . I'm using the Show Top commentators plugin for this, thanks to John Chow for his ideas about how to increase blog comments

Some think that this will just increase spam ? what do you think ? do you show link love on your blog ?

17 thoughts on “Showing some link love

  1. Thanks for the link love 🙂

    I think removing the nofollow attribute in comments is the right thing to do. It is only fair that you reward your readers for taking the time to comment on your blog.

    As long as you have Akismet installed, than you shouldn’t have any problems with spam.

    – Martin Reed

  2. Great way to encourage people to comment and be active, as well as giving back to those who are already active.

    You might also consider adding a “top commentators” plugin =)

    Welcome to the NOFOLLOW movement! and thanks for the link-back: 😛

  3. It’s more like an experiment to see if viewers comment just for the links.
    The idea is to encourage them to comment knowing that they get something in return. I was hoping to get some quality comments, not just “I just commented. thanks for the link!” kind of comments 🙂

  4. It’s expected to get both quality and non-quality comments. When I turned off NOFOLLOW for my blog though, I’ve gotten mostly quality comments, with only 2 that I can think of that are most likely there just for the link. I still don’t get very many comments but it’s definitely increased from 1 comment a month 😛

    1. That’s most likely the case especially on blogger since it’s owned by google and google was the inventor ( as far as I know ) and big promoter of “nofollow” .
      Even I resumed usign nofollow after I noticed that people were commenting ( meaningless comments ) just to get some link juice for their sites.

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