MYC4 bid Importer plugin

MYC4 is a micro credit platform that enables anyone to invest in small businesses and entrepreneurs in poor countries in Africa. MYC4 enables you to help poor people in Africa ( people that can't get a loan from banks ) get a loan to improve their business.

This wordpress plugin will fetch the details of the businesses in which you invest and create posts on your blog from those details.

By using this plugin you can create exposure for those businesses, enabling them to raise the funds they need more quickly and thus to ensure a shorter way to success.

The plugin was developed after an idea by prof. David Costa of Robert Kennedy College. He runs a blog about microfinance and teaches microfinance as part of the investment management course at Robert Kennedy College.

Download the plugin

7 thoughts on “MYC4 bid Importer plugin

  1. this is great… as one of the co-founders of myc4, it is truly satisfying to experience how you “grasb the moment” and make tools to help spreading the word and do not wait until we have made an api…. cheers all!!


    1. Hello Tim,
      I’d be happy to update the plugin to use the api once it’s finished and the documentation for it is published.

  2. Dear Mihai,

    I’m using your plugin for some months now, it works great. One thing I’m not able to get right is the pictures from the business I invest in. They turn out scrambled. I’m not a codewizard, but it looks like I should change the code for the images. When I do so, the picture doesn’t seem to exist. Any help would be appreciated.

    Two examples:
    With changed picture size:

    Without changed picture size:

    1. The plugin retrieves the images exactly how they are on myc4. It doesn’t modify them in any way.
      If you want to display different sizes you can modify the post template form settings and set the width and height.

      your examples both show no image like it doesn’t exist. You should check for that files actually exist and then make sure the server has read access to them.
      If the images don’t exist it’s probably because the web server doesn’t have write access to wp-content/myc4 and it’s subfolders

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! It now works. The files did exist, but ‘world’ didn’t have read or execute rights on the MyC4 folder and it’s subfolders. Look much better now! And it is an awesome plugin 🙂

        Can’t wait to see how you will proceed the development if the API becomes available. I’ve got news on that from MyC4, so if you’re interested drop me an email and I will forward it to you.

        Kind regards,
        Krispijn Beek

        1. Glad to know if works.
          It would be great if myc4 released an easy to use api, it’s much better then parsing rss and html. Even though the plugin doesn’t seem to have any problems at parsing the data it extracts now an api might even provide more data.
          You can email me at mihai at this domain or using the contact page.

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