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How to buy blogrush credits

I seems some bloggers trust blogrush so much that they bet their money on it.

Yesterday I was looking over my blog and I noticed this ad showing in one of the adsense boxes: "Get Awesome Traffic Results with new Blog Rush. Free...Fast"

It seems someone registered the domain blog-rush.ws and placed a 302 redirect to blogrush.com/rxxxxxx .

This guy is hoping to get enough subscriptions from some high traffic sites. If he's lucky this might even work.Blogrush adwords add

Since I made my first post about blog rush I only got one blog that subscribed from my referral code. But that blog is giving me almost 7000 credits / day.

If I could get a few more like that and blogrush would do something about their CTR I could increase my traffic significantly.

Of course I would have to also start writing some good stuff or else it would be just a waste of clicks.

I wonder how much he's paying for a click, and his returns are...