How to buy blogrush credits

I seems some bloggers trust blogrush so much that they bet their money on it.

Yesterday I was looking over my blog and I noticed this ad showing in one of the adsense boxes: "Get Awesome Traffic Results with new Blog Rush. Free...Fast"

It seems someone registered the domain and placed a 302 redirect to .

This guy is hoping to get enough subscriptions from some high traffic sites. If he's lucky this might even work.Blogrush adwords add

Since I made my first post about blog rush I only got one blog that subscribed from my referral code. But that blog is giving me almost 7000 credits / day.

If I could get a few more like that and blogrush would do something about their CTR I could increase my traffic significantly.

Of course I would have to also start writing some good stuff or else it would be just a waste of clicks.

I wonder how much he's paying for a click, and his returns are...

2 thoughts on “How to buy blogrush credits

  1. I got so frustrated with Blogrush that I simply removed their widget. Their widget kept disappearing from my page.

    Their traffic to my page was negligible. I was averaging one or two visitors from them and their links weren’t even relevant to my niche. But looking at your widget, they made have gotten slightly better on that (relevance). The majority of my visitors come from the search engines looking for a specific HOWTO.

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