This week on twitter 2009-08-02

  • @mihaibrehar is that really Linus? not like a fake Jobs blog ? in reply to mihaibrehar #
  • spammers are everywhere... I just got a "follow" on backtype from someone following over 2k accounts with no comment #
  • @khelo cauti? in reply to khelo #
  • RT: @CommentLuv: dammit, Vista crashes when i listen to mp3's . I'm threatening it by downloading a linux iso #
  • my blog is my playground ... now playing with Twitterremote #
  • Sign into my TwitterRemote on so I know when you check my stats! #
  • Here's one feature I'd love to see in firefox: I click a link and it opens in new tab, when I close that tab firefox... #
  • @mihaibrehar but no love for FF 3.5 🙁 in reply to mihaibrehar #
  • friendfeed has a problem with email notifications on comments. Got an email notification 9 hours after the comment was posted #
  • @bobbyvoicu daca tot esti prieten cu Dragos, sa-i spui si ca banerele de pe site sunt mult prea enervante in reply to bobbyvoicu #

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