first freebsd 6.2 bugs found

Just one day after the release and we have the first bugs that show up in the FreeBSD errata.

bug #1 Some isolated crashes were reported for arcmsr, the driver for Areca ARC-11xx and ARC-12xx series of SATA II RAID controllers. This problem is still being investigated. Users that have problems are advised to consider backing out the driver update or installing a version of this driver directly from Areca

bug #2 is a kernel bug related to Unix domain sockets. A patch for this problem has been committed to HEAD and RELENG_6, and is a candidate for an errata patch to RELENG_6_2 after further testing.

bug #3 was observer on systems with heavy network activity. the problem seems to be with the kernel memory allocator. A partial workaround for this problem is to add the following line to /boot/loader.conf and reboot:


More details about the bugs in this release on Errata

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