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xml sitemap for pligg update v0.6

Update: There is be a new version of this module. Click here to get it.

Last year I have released a pligg module that creates XML sitemaps for better SEO. The module was tested and working on pligg 0.9.7. Since that time pligg was updated two times and is now at 0.9.9.

In pligg 0.9.8 they removed the clear_cache function that the my module's install code was using to clear the configuration cache. Because of this it was impossible to install the module.

The quick fix was just to edit xml_sitemaps_install.php and remove a line (#5) that called clear_cache() and then you could install it without any problems. This workaround was already known and discussed in the comments
Someone in the pligg community released a new version of this module that is basically just my module with that clear_cache function call removed and another 1 bug that was also discussed in the comments and was easy to fix. They bumped the version number to 0.5 which in my opinion was really not necessary since it was such a small fix.
They have also added a .htaccess file to the archive, again not necessary since my initial post already had the details ( .htaccess code ) about how to set it up and the module was also showing that in the configuration section.
One other thing I didn't like about their release was that they didn't make the module available for download without having to register on their forum.

So here I release a new version ( 0.6 ) of this module with more bugs fixed and now the module will have a page of it's own so that it will be easier to track new versions .

What changed:

  • use safe category names
  • generate links according to URLMethod configuration
  • modified use of date() function to work on php4

This module was tested on pligg 0.9.9.

Go to xml sitemap pligg module page for download