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WpMU Domain mapping in subfolder install

Here's a solution to run a wordpress multisite installation with domain mapping even if you didn't install wordpress in the DocumentRoot of your site.

If you want to map domains to subdomains in your wordpress install for example womsend.ro to ro.womsend.com you would use the wordpress-mu-domain-mapping plugin but this only works if wordpress is installed dirrectly in the web site's document root not in a subdirectory.

I like to have wordpress installed in a subdirectory because it keeps things organized especially if I have other things installed on your site.

So here is a patch to the wordpress domain mapping plugin that allows it to work with the subdirectory install. Download the original plugin then apply the patch (this patch is for the 0.5.4 version of the plugin):
[download id="26"]

Or just download the plugin already patched for convenience:
[download id="27"]

After adding a new site you have to go to Network Admin -> Sites, select the site and edit some of it's configuration values ( wordpress default values will not work ):

1) In site Info Tab, the Path is set to "/" . You have to add the subdirectory to it. For example if your site's document root is /home/site/public_html and wordpress is installed in /home/site/public_html/wordpress then the Path should be set to /wordpress
2) After saving the changes at #1, in the site Settings tab , Siteurl should already be set to http://{SubDomain}{Path} where {Path} is the path set at #1, but if it's not then set it.
3) The changes at #1 also modified ( in wp 3.1.3 anyway ) the "Home" value in the Settings tab , adding the Path to it but this has to be clean of the path so you have to change it back to http://{SubDomain}/

That's it, let me know how it works in the comments.