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Proftpd: listen on single ip

I don't use ftp, I always use sftp/scp/rsync over ssh or even a fuse remote filesystem for transferring files but wordpress 2.5 comes with this nice feature to upgrade plugins automatically from the web admin interface that needs ftp.

the problem is I don't want to enable the ftp service and make it available to the rest of the world just for that.

So what are my options?

  1. I know I could just add a firewall rule and just not allow anyone else except for localhost to connect
  2. set proftpd to listent only on localhost (

The #1 depends on what firewall you have so I'm not going to discuss it here. You also may not want to do that because of some other reasons you might have.

#2 needs the following two options in proftpd.conf:

SocketBindTight                 on

Now restart proftpd and you're done.