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The whole Post

When using the <!--more--> tag to split your posts wordpress will generate a link that will take to a bookmark in the full post text.

I wanted the link to take the user to the top of the page so that the user will also see the page's header.

There is an entry on wordpress.org faq about this named How can I customize the "more" tag? that suggests a modification to: wp-includes/template-functions-post.php or wp-includes/post-template.php for wp 2.1 . The modification is fairly easy to do and it's about removing the "#more-id" anchor from the link but I don't want to do this because this means I'll have to remember to do it every time I upgrade wp.

My solution was to implement this as a plugin. Basically my plugin just removes the anchor from the link that takes you to the post page. This is slower then the modification suggested on wordpress.org but it's more convenient to me.

Update: this plugin is now published in wordpress plugins directory and can be installed directly from wordpress plugin admin. Just search for "the whole post"