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Agloco viewbar available

AGLOCO the company that pays you shares to browse the net, has finally released their view bar.

This is the tool bar you install in internet explorer or firefox that will display ads that are contextually targeted, then all you have to do is use your browser and navigate like you always do, but now you're getting paid for it.

AGLOCO aims to be the company that is 100% owned by it's members. The idea is that if you see ads you should be paid for it, after all, the ads are renting your screen's real estate.  the company is founded by the people that had a similar company in the past,  All Advantage, but the new model is promising because they will not spend money directly, instead they will pay the members in shares, that members should be able to exchange at some rate in the future. 

Get the viewbar, install it and start owning a piece of AGLOCO.