Where’s the xml sitemap?

Someone contacted me through the contact form to ask me where is the xml sitemap generated by the xml sitemap module for pligg .

If he would have read my first post about this module I think he would have eventually figured out where it is but since that first post was written a long time ago let me answer that question in this post.

I will do this in a post instead of answering privately because maybe there are others that might run into the same problem and I hate answering the same question over and over.

The module doesn't generate a sitemap but a sitemap index ( that's basically just a list of sitemaps in xml ) and unless you're using cache the module will generate it every time someone goes to the sitemap's URL.

If you're not using friendly urls for sitemaps then the url to the sitemap will be :
If you want to use friendly urls for the sitemap you will have to configure it as described here

Last time I checked ( when I first created the module ) ask.com could not be pinged unless your sitemap url looked like a static url or/and was ending in .xml and this is why I created the module with this choice in mind. If you don't care about pinging ask.com or if ask.com changed it's policy ( can anyone check this ? ) then you don't need friendly urls for sitemaps.

For the future I would appreciate if such questions would be asked in the comments instead of private contact. I prefer the comments for answering questions about my posts or the code in my posts because this way others can benefit from my answers or others can contribute.

The contact form would be for private matters like asking for consultancy , business proposals or others that don't fit into the comments.

8 thoughts on “Where’s the xml sitemap?

    1. You must be doing something wrong.
      Check to see if it’s working without sitemap friendly urls then check to see if your .htaccess rules for
      sitemaps are correctly set up

  1. I’m not using firenly urls.
    Google shows:
    module.php?module=xml_sitemaps_show_sitemap Sitemap Index 1 hours ago Errors — Details

    funny thing is that i submitted it days ago not 1 hour.

  2. what and wher shõuld be this .htaccess file ?
    I hava added these lines in there discribed for .htaccess in root dir.

    1. the .htaccess file has to be in directory where the pligg code is.
      You have to add the lines exactly as explained in the module configuration page.

      before you submit the sitemap to google test it in your browser.
      It should work at http://yourdomain.com/module.php?module=xml_sitemaps_show_sitemap
      if you enable friendly urls for sitemaps and put that code in .htaccess and your server supports mod_rewrite in .htaccess then you should be able to access your sitemap as

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