This week on twitter 2008-12-28

  • today I'll make my life easier by replacing gentoo with ubuntu.Sick of waiting for everything to compile even on a 3 machine compile cluster #
  • recruiting HTTP hdrs: X-hacker: If you're reading this, you should visit and apply to join the fun, mention this header. #
  • Do you have a blog? Then why not add twitter id to your comment form? #
  • @Bloggeries I think most of these "how to get rich" books are by people who have given up digging for gold so they r trying to sell shovels in reply to Bloggeries #
  • RT @Bloggeries I think most of these "how to get rich" books are by ppl who have given up digging for gold so they are trying 2 sell shovels #
  • @Jimconnolly your blog ate my last comment on this post: . Was it on purpose? Too many links? in reply to Jimconnolly #
  • @mvndrvrt if you're interested about how to set up the twitter field in the comments take a look at this: in reply to mvndrvrt #
  • just because I comment on your blog it doesn't mean I want to get your promotional emails. That's just like spam. You know who you are. #
  • You autoresponder should not send me any more messages after I unsubscribe. Not even a confirmation! #
  • @qutequte I saw your comment on @jimconnolly WP-Twitip-ID u might want to take a look at my mods for it: in reply to qutequte #
  • @ariwriterdotcom if you use WP-Twitip-ID, you might want to look at this: in reply to ariwriterdotcom #
  • The World's First Energy Generating Revolving door #
  • RT @LorenMcDonald Email Marketing Tip O' Day: Make it easy 4 subs to change their email addr - otherwise they'll unsub & likely never re-sub #
  • just installed social homes plugin on my blog . An easy way to add links to your social ids in the sidebar #
  • WP Greet Box is a great plugin. Take FirstTimer to a whole new level #
  • Merry Christmas to all! #
  • reading "Income From Donations - Amazon Wish Lists Rock" @shoemoney #
  • I want facebook connect on my blog but I don't like the existing wp plugins cause they create users on my blog. It's bad for security #
  • @LisaBarone P2P in reply to LisaBarone #
  • got another type of spam today. From someone I don't even follow. How do I report it ? #
  • why can't I just DM @spam ? #
  • @graywolf I'll read your post even though I don't know what MWM stands for 🙂 but I think that's just a guaranty that I'll not steal it 🙂 in reply to graywolf #
  • it's amazing that I still get links and visits to a wp plugin that I wrote almost two years ago and that's not even working anymore #
  • I wonder how many out there are still using wordpress 2.3.x #

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